Hosting your wordpress site

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"I always had problem for creating my site because all the solutions were either too complicated or did not allow me to customize my site to my liking. Webonista is simple and I can customize my site as much as I want."

Design it your way

Your website comes with a easy to use page builder! We used the same system to build this page in less than 10 minutes

Create it your way

You want to have an e-commerce next to your blog? No worries with Webonista you can have both!

Responsive design

All the pages you build by default are pretty in all the small and big devices!

No more searching for the best solution


SEO is important for your site so your visitors can find you in google


Your account is never safe in any application you use. That's why we use top-notch security systems for Webonista

E-commerce o Forum

You can decide to add an e-commerce to your site or a forum, or maybe both


So people can visit your site in their phone or tablet


Your website comes with basic notifications to know when someone comments on a post or when you get contacted

Easy to use

We have customized wordpress to the point that it's super easy for you to use it

Make your idea reality

In less than 2 minutes